Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fiber and fabric therapy

to make the celebration weekend in duvall even better,  i had some uninterrupted time in the quilt shop and really truly enhanced my fabric stash.  i do have a quilt in the planning stage for which i needed to buy some extra special fabric... which i did, um, and over-did.  also stopped in at one of the antique/junk shops and found a really cool old book ... for $1... published in 1949.  it has detailed instructions for embroidery stitches, which will be very useful in quilt embellishing.

and... Kate and i took her new and wonderful motorized Duncan carder for its maiden voyage and what a treat that was!  she pulled out piles of all different kinds and colors of fibers and we both had at it.  

the frustrating thing is, tho, that the carded batts are fluffy and look like there's a lot of fiber there... but the HUGE batt that i carded only weighed 2.7 oz.  i spun it tonight and didn't even fill a bobbin.  humph. but i did love the spinning of it... very easy to spin and it's got sparkly  in it which makes me love it even more!

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