Wednesday, June 15, 2011

deer not dear to me

things i know:
~deer also like fuchsia (sp?), which spells doom for 3 hanging baskets
~they are not bothered by stinky dog hair strewed upon plants and flowers
~they have no timidity about cruising around the patio and enjoying plants and flowers close to the house
~of course, they enjoy roses (flowers and leaves and buds)... but i already knew that
~they haven't seemed to take an interest in pansies, but i'm not about to put pansies in place of fuchsia
~they have acres of grass, weeds and wild growing stuff around here that they could eat and it pisses me      off that they're eating MY plants and flowers
~so now i need to research ways to keep deer away from what i don't want them to eat


Lavendersheep said...

I have heard of this stuff sold at Coastal which is made from putrefied eggs which keeps the deer away. My friends have said it is the only thing that does. It stinks for a couple of days but then the smell goes away, but keeps the deer away. It has to be reapplied after it rains, because the rain washes it off. I don't know if it will help, but I thought I would suggest it.

goatldi said...

may i suggest that jim take a walk about and spray the perimeter? always worked with coyotes.

Sandy said...

thanks, Yvonne! i found a book on deer-proofing and there's a recipe for that, which i think i will try. will let you know if it works!

and, Terry, i couldn't get him to pee in gopher holes, but maybe he would do the perimeter.....