Monday, June 27, 2011

Black Sheep Gathering - June 2011

i really enjoy roaming around the animal barns and getting my sheep fix.  i think all of them had plenty of hay in their pens... but 2 of these seemed to believe the hay was greener in the next pen.

i love the angora goats... especially the kids!  they have the sweetest little faces ever.  don't know how i ever got thru raising animals without bringing one of these home with me.

the wonderful Lisa Milliman of Dicentra Fibers!  (her fibers are lovely, too)
i wonder how many pounds of fleece is on this sheep......

Rachael came to the BSG on Sat.... looking beautifully 8 months pregnant, healthy and happy... and ready for some fibery fun.

Sharon Chestnut  has been raising angora goats for many years and has always sold some of the best mohair fleeces i've ever bought.  this year she let me pick out which fleece of all the goats in her pens i liked best, then she sheared the goat and i bought almost 2 pounds of the softest, shiniest kid mohair ever!

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