Sunday, July 01, 2012

dyeing again - perfect day!

and a perfect day it was... at least for dye pots. the cloudy 70F didn't do much for those pathetic sun-starved veg plants in my garden, but was great for heating up dye pots in my studio.  and a pleasant surprise... those jars of dye solutions which have been sitting on the counter for about 1 year... turns out the time and exposure to a range of temps has not affected them.  adding some boiling water to the jars diluted those that had gotten thick and concentrated.  well, except for the Jacquard yellow which is a gelatinous mass which does not respond to lots of boiling water and stirring... yuk..

today i was trying out the old dyes for washfastness in preparation for a project i'm doing with Lynne.  and lo and behold... they seem just fine.  no dye wash-out.  happy!

hoping those mohair locks get dry really quickly!  i want to spin those lovelies!

the St. John's wort on the bank looks gorgeous, so of course i just had to preserve it with a photo!  it's such a lovely contrast of deep dark green leaves with those brilliant yellow blossoms scattered about.

and then there's this that i lifted from the interwebs!

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