Thursday, June 13, 2013

a day at the beach in Sfinari, Crete

on our last Sunday in Crete we went to the beach at Sfinari (far western side of the island) with Elena, Toine and Iris... and Ion.  very few people on the beach other than the couple who are friends of E and T that we met up with there.  beautiful day full of sun, blue skies and ocean, clean sand... also a fish taverna there where we had a nice meal.

waiting for our meal.....

 Jim went to the kitchen to see what kind of fish they had and got to choose what he wanted and had it cooked for him.   and for me? lamb chops were yummy!

Iris knows how to deal with dessert!

Iris all outfitted to go swimming in the sea.... which she LOVES!  she gets out there with her parents and twirls around in her life saver and bounces up and down with the waves!  such fun.

Elena at lunch

              and there's Ion having a rest in the van.  big fluffy friendly hound.

the beach is about 1 1/2 hour drive from Vamos, mostly over the National Road which is a decent highway (built after WW2 by NATO)  the fun comes after the end of the highway, where the drive goes over narrow curvy roads up and down steep hill country.  it was a wonderful day!  so happy we were able to go with them.

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