Sunday, June 16, 2013

picnic fun with friends in Crete

on a lovely Sunday a few weeks ago, we went on a picnic with friends... lots of food, sun, kids, a couple of dogs, and a relaxing afternoon!  at a park area along side of a small river.  the only drawback of the day was the harsh "devil wind" coming up from the storms in the deserts of Egypt and Libya.

                                Ion kept track of things, warned us of any             other dogs in the area and kept the ground around the picnic tables tidy and free of fallen food.  looks like Wookie, huh?

watching the kids was all the entertainment i could handle!  in this episode, Lou was absorbed in reading his book and Daphne pulled up a chair beside him.  she was intent on showing him a scrape on her knee, he was more interested in his book... she persisted, he got fed up and ended up in tears.  soon they were both snuggled up with one of the moms, looking at other books.  I kept thinking about "it takes a village to raise a child", because that's what they have here.  there are 3 families with kids about the same age and they spend enough time together that the kids have the benefit of the love and influence of all the parents.  it is a beautiful thing to watch!  another couple has 2 kids a few years older, but they all fit together like extended family.

                                    there's Lou!!  nope, not having a pee break.... just in the bliss of the freedom from clothes!

Daphne has a Greek mom and Dutch dad, and shows a lot of her dad's genes!
a reading circle!

Chris, Kate and kids were also at the picnic.

no ice?  plenty of cooling coming out of this faucet.

in case there is any question about why we keep on going back to Vamos, Crete... a big part of the answer is these people who we have come to love and who include us in their lives when we are there.

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