Saturday, June 22, 2013

Denmark - May 2013

Legoland was only one of the wonderful times visiting Soren and his family in Denmark!!  and there will be more posts from that week.

we went to the original very first in the world.. Legoland.  AND it was the second visit for Chris, Jim and me.  Soren's dad, Jens, and brother Carsten met us there for a rollicking hot day of looking at many many displays of lego awesomeness, going on rides (some of us), the kids getting their legoland driver's license, walking for miles and miles (seriously, it's a huge place), and having a wonderful day!

and this is my favorite photo of the day!  Jens with his grandkids, Laura and William!
Alex taking his driving test.... he got his license!

the aquarium was amazing!  they even had places where kids could crawl up into a bubble in the middle of a display and view it all from the inside!

this fishy thing came right up to the window and it looks like he's saying "get me outa here!"

after Legoland, we went to Jens' home for refreshments... he had made a really delicious apple cake, which we enjoyed along with his warm hospitality.  being there surely did make me miss Lizabeth, who died several months ago.  she is missed by all!!

we were so happy that Carsten was off his ship and at home while we were there.  he just added to the fun and good times!

Chris and Soren were finally back together again... 25 years after their high school days.

on our way back to Hamburg, Soren was kind enough to stop the car and take this photo, just one of the many fart signs in Denmark.

there will be more posts from Denmark... lots more to show and tell!


sorenw said...

Wish you'd stop by more often :-)

Sandy said...

and i wish we could, too!! i do believe it's your turn next... and i' hope it is soon!!! thanks again to all of you for your love and wonderful hospitality.