Monday, June 17, 2013

back home in my queendom - partly

got home at 3:30am on Wed. from a 6 week whirlwind adventure in Hamburg, Germany, Denmark, Peloponnesus in western Greece, Arachova near Delphi in Greece, then 3 weeks in Vamos, Crete. by the time we arrived back at dome central it had been 35 hours since we crawled out of bed in Vamos.  we did not show the best judgement or behavior on that last night.... it was after 1a.m. when we went to bed... let's just say there was a LOT of raki and saying goodbye to friends before we made it home, set the alarm and went to bed.  and 4:30 came way too soon.

anyway.... my roses are in full bloom and lovely to behold!  and i vow to never again go away for an extended period in the spring... i just missed too much of watching plants and trees come to life and the blooming and renewal cycle of the year.  so, on friday i wandered out to stock up on some fresh veggies and fruit, and then to my favorite plant nursery for garden and hanging basket plants.  i do love that nursery... it gives me an adrenalin rush... and bought tomato plants (mostly heirloom types that i know i love), plus more of the usual.  most are in the ground now.  hmmm... it's beginning to dawn on me why i'm tired and my ass is dragging.  also, got 4 hanging baskets planted and hanging on the trellis.  as i was whackin' away at all the overgrowth, i came upon a bird nest with 4 eggs.  the silly mama bird put her nest on the trellis about 3 feet above the ground, tho it does have some fairly dense growth of rogue rhododendron in front of it.  i was afraid she wouldn't come back to the nest after i'd been so close to it... but she was back when i looked (from a distance!) a couple of hours later.

we were planning to meet Jens and Carsten Wollesen (friends from Denmark) for dinner at Bloumosifi our last night in Vamos.  they surprised us by finding us mid-afternoon having ouzo and wifi at AnoKato, so it was an afternoon of showing them around Vamos and surrounding area.  lovely surprise!  and tasty last dinner in Vamos!!

i'm pretty sure i should get this shirt for Jim!

i still have lots more stories and photos from the trip and will be putting them here, interspersed with current events.... because i need to have as much of it here as i can so it can be sort of like a journal.  and (major reason) so i can remember what i did when and with whom and where.  stay tuned, if you wish....

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