Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black Sheep Gathering, Eugene, OR 2013

time out from our regular scheduled blog update of our trip in May and June.

on Sat. Rachael and i drove down to Eugene for the annual Black Sheep Gathering for a fiber fasmagoric fondling and meet-up with friends and sisters, ogling of fiber animals, fiber stash enhancement, spinning, lots of hugging and telling of stories of what's been happening, good food and wine and making plans for future meet-ups.  once again our group of twisted sisters and friends were able to rent a house in Eugene for the weekend (thanks Laurie and Christy-Joe), which was perfect!... room enough to sit around together spinning, a nice kitchen, enough sleeping places and no one complaining if we made a bit too much noise.  perfect!!

i think these were my 2 favorite photos.  this young woman was holding a 2-week old Angora kid which is a bottle baby.  she was a star attraction with the little kids (and adults), showing him off with love and confidence.  and the kid was perfectly happy being held and shown off.

editing this because even tho this was in the barn where the angora goats were, i keep looking at this "kid" and really think it is a lamb, not a kid.  ooops....sorry....

 and then, of course, there was the spinning fiber attraction.  oh my, the temptation to fondle, appreciate and enhance my stash which is obscenely already way too abundant.  i was actually quite restrained and will get photos tomorrow of my meager acquisitions.... every fiber of which was irresistible.  so i didn't.

and back in the animal barns, i always spend a lot of time appreciating the angora goats.  i always wanted to bring home one of those beautiful kids and somehow managed to not indulge in that.  this wonderful goat was determined to take down that ribbon on his pen... perhaps, he felt that a red ribbon was not quite enough.  watching him trying to maneuver his way thru the wire and catch that ribbon with his tongue was too funny and i was laughing too hard to get a really good photo

this is my most favorite fiber to spin... it's blue faced leicester, wool still on the hoof.  i love the tight little curls in the wool.  easy to spin into beautiful yarn.

this ram is likely the biggest bulkiest sheep i have ever seen.  even with Rachael posing beside him, it is difficult to get the true picture of how big he really is!!!  massive!

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