Saturday, October 17, 2009

another Cretan cooking class

same cooking teacher, same location... this time Chris and Alex took the class... then Kate, Zylie and i were invited to enjoy the feast! and we certainly did! the rain started coming down for real just as we were setting the table and Toine put up 2 huge umbrellas and lit candles and we had lovely ambiance and a delicious dinner! there was a couple from Denmark and an Aussie/Brit couple, plus Koula's semi-son who is Greek/Canadian/French. after we cleaned up, Chris and I walked home past Liakoto, the Art Cafe, which was featuring live music tonight with
"Big Fish" in person. in contrast to our totally Cretan Greek evening, this rock and roll band was blasting out "Route 66"!! amusing, to say the least!!

that was last night. tonight Chris cooked up the main dish from his class... rooster cooked with noodles. it was delightfully delicious! he did very well... and Alex helped him!

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Sarah said...

Ah - it is so lovely to read of your adventures and see the beautiful photos. I'm drooling over the tales of wonderful food! Great to see the photos of Chris and family. What joy!