Friday, October 16, 2009

a trip to Rethymnon

several days ago (i'm losing track of time and when we did what... not that it makes a lot of difference) we went to Rethymnon, which is the 3rd largest city in Crete and is probably my favorite. it's about an hour away and we went so that we could go to the farmers' market. we never did find the market and ended up wandering the streets and shops of the old town. that was actually just fine with me. we can get all the fresh vegetables and fruit we want at the supermarket in Vamos. (not to be confused with the likes of Safeway or Fred Meyer as there are 2 shopping aisles, they cut up chicken and lamb carcasses on the big butcher block at the back of the store, the cereal shelf has 1 each of 4 or 5 different cereals, you can buy the local wine and raki in recycled liter plastic water bottles... also local olive oil... just not like supermarkets in the U.S.)

i know it will be a sad day for Zylie when she is too big to ride on her dad's shoulders, which gives her the perfect vantage point!

we found Stella's Kitchen for a meal (and WC) where Jim and I have eaten and spent a night in her pension. i ordered the Cretan breakfast which was omelet with feta and tomato, Greek coffee, yoghurt with honey.... and was just perfect!!

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