Wednesday, October 14, 2009


it's a dark photo, but Spiros has climbed up on a chair to refill a container with the local red wine which they serve. they also attach a tubing to the spigot and do the refilling by releasing the clamp. not high tech, but it works!

everyone here misses Jim, and ask me with a kind of puckered look on the face... "Jimmy??" like they are afraid i'll say he's sick.. or worse... or maybe i ran away from home without him. so, they are always relieved when i say he stayed home to harvest his grapes and make his wine. relieved... but don't quite understand it.

Spiros and Nikos who run the taverna, agreed to a photo as a hello to Jim.

and Alekos who does the grilling sends his hello. He is from Georgia (as in Russia) and has been here for several years. he was a professional wrestler there and asked Chris if he was a wrestler, then gave him a big ole bear hug.

and aren't they all going to be surprised when Jim shows up here next Wed.???!!

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