Saturday, October 03, 2009

happy in Crete

Judy and i are here, our lost luggage was delivered to us the day after we got here, and we are happily settled into our house. Elena who runs the rental office really chose a wonderful house for us! it appears to be recently renovated, is spacious, patio at front and one side with lovely plantings and big Greek oil urns. and it's next door to the taverna we love. they even had live music there last night, so we had Greek music with dinner.. mmm!

we sort of sometimes have a wireless internet connection here... when they have it turned on at the taverna.

have spent some time walking around the villlage, meeting up with old friends, stocking up on essentials from the "super-market" ( luscious tomatoes, fresh bread, coffee, wine, raki). Judy and i have decided we don't want to cook, so will snack along all day, then go out for dinner.

sometime soon i'll spend some time at the taverns where i'll have a good connection and can get photos and words on the blog


Lorajean Kelley said...

beautiful pictures!! did you leave right after OFFF? That's a pretty nice place to go to right after OFFF. Have fun and drink for me!

Sandy said...

thanks, Lorajean! yep, i left tuesday after OFFF. we love it here and it's become like a second home. and, ok... i'll have some drinks for you!!