Saturday, October 10, 2009

Greek Cooking Class

Judy and i took the class here in Vamos, which takes place in the reclaimed ruins of an old olive oil factory. Koula, the cooking teacher, has published a book on cooking in Crete and has an incredible extensive cooking experience. it's a hands-on learning with a feast at the end. my most favorite (hard to choose) dish for both making and eating is kalitsounia, a small pie filled with mizithra, a soft cheese, then fried. we learned how to make the dough and do it all! also, made dolmas, zucchini fritters, greek salad,
tsitziki, and rooster cooked in a pot with pasta. there were 8 of us in the class (4 from LA, 2 from Holland plus Judy and me). here's Judy chopping up something. did you know you can grate a whole tomato (rather than chopping) and you end up with the tomato skin left whole.. really! then we finally sat down to a fabulous meal, drank a lot of wine and raki, and had a great evening!!

here's Koula.... and the Greek salad and the site of the class, Fabrica.

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