Monday, October 05, 2009

more adventures in Vamos, Crete

It is almost midnight here and i'm on the patio under a full moon. Life in the village is starting to quiet down, except for a few heavily testosterone-enhanced teenagers still racing their old cars and motorcycles up and down the main street! Judy and i went to the beach in Kalives today. still a fair number of tourists around, but the season is winding down (thankfully!!)

the photos here are from a grape crushing a few days ago at Elena and Toine's. the crusher was borrowed from a friend, the grapes were from their yard and from friends. this grape juice will be fermented for a few weeks, then distilled into raki (fire water). I may still be here for the raki-making party... sure do hope so because that's a real event!! also at the crushing (or smashing) was Berend, another Dutch friend, a Brit couple (ex-pats living in a nearby village) and Tatiana who came with her young son, Aristotle.

i'm hoping the taverna does not shut down the wireless before the pictures are loaded.... anyway, there's more photos on flickr... link in the right-hand column.

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