Monday, October 19, 2009

Hercules the kitten

a few nights ago this woebegone pitiful and starving kitten appeared on our patio and seemed to be terrified of anything that moved. so of course we put out a saucer of milk for him and he finally got brave enough to sample the milk... so we moved on to offering tidbits of cheese, yoghurt, left-over shrimp and we had him
hooked and he kept on coming back, tho still very skitterish. i named him Hercules because he is such a tiny, frightened little being that he needs a big, strong important name to grow into. he is kind of sort of beginning to let me get close to him. i don't know what kind of chance he has to grow up. Crete is the island of cats and there are many large territorial male cats around here that will guard their territory against any youngsters. hope he can live up to his name!!

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