Monday, December 28, 2009

all's well.. etc

The family dinner on Sat. was quite successful... actually, fabulous! family plus some friends came, drank wine, talked, opened gifts, ate lots, had fun! and the oven came to life early that morning. Jim went before dawn to an Amana parts store, got the replacement part and was home and had it installed in plenty of time to put the huge turkey in the oven at 11a.m. He earned huge hero points! note to self: when trying to decide how big a turkey to get for 20 people, check off the people who don't eat meat and also the small people who eat very little, especially at a big gathering where they'd rather chase their cousins around than sit still for eating! there were 5 small people and 3 vegetarians. and this means that there is a lot of a 23 pound turkey left, even after sending as much as i could to other people's homes.

the keyboard keys are getting harder and harder to depress, and i have an appointment tomorrow at the Apple store to meet with the "genius" (their label) to see what they can do. i'd much rather go to the Mac store (they are nicer to me, are closer and are not located in the biggest mall on the west side), but they said that Apple does not allow them to disassemble keyboards. as much as ihate big malls, i will take advantage of being there and see if i can find a glass tea pot on sale. i need one so that i can enjoy the flowering teas i got. small pleasures and all that!

it was a fun party, but i gotta say i was beyond exhausted by the end!

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