Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the good and the bad

and the snow experience was ugly!!! good news is the Apple store replaced the whole complete keyboard on my macbook and as a "one time courtesy" they did it for free! ($186.56 worth!) going to that mall was like going into hell for me, as i hate everything about malls... the full parking lots, mobs of people, strange lighting that hurts my eyes, and while i was there snowing started and went on and on and on... totally un-predicted by those weather people on the tv. and as much as i love my Prius and it's excellent gas mileage, i miss my pick-up truck with it's 4WD and standard transmission on a day like this. no choice but to head home (20+ miles) thru heavy snow comin' down and fast accumulating on the freeway. by the time i got to Banks, i'd seen a few cars in ditches and could feel the road getting slick, so i pulled into the parking lot at the market in Banks and called Jim.... several times, getting only answering machine and making a pitiful request for him to come and get me. he did!! he was actually out looking for me! (twice a hero in one week!) his little Nissan pickup has snow tires and extra weight in the back and we made it up the hills to home with little problem. snow tires for the Prius cost $400... money which is just not available right now. seems to be warming up a bit now. i can hear the snow sliding off the roof, which is metal. the sound is weird and eerie sliding down the dome, but means the snow on the ground won't last long. til it's gone i'll be staying home! i'm such a weather weenie!

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