Sunday, December 13, 2009


yesterday was a GOOD music day for me! listened to Prairie Home Companion while i was quilting, and the featured guest was YoYo Ma. the whole show was good, with some great xmas satire. Then in the evening i was able to banish my bah humbug scroogitude for a couple of hours. normally, the traditional xmas music is ok the 1st, 2nd... maybe 3rd time i hear it during this season, then i feel unpleasantly overfed with it! too damn much. but, however... last night Andrea Bocelli, the Italian tenor, had a program on PBS which was beautiful. very diversified guests with him... Reba McIntyre, Natalie Cole, the Muppets (!) and i always love Miss Piggy esp. when she is swooning all over a handsome tenor. anyway, the program was lovely and i could have listened to Andrea Bocelli all night! it put me in a very peaceful and mellow mood. no surprise that several of his CDs are now on my wish list!

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