Tuesday, December 01, 2009

a definition

rogue |rōg|
1 a dishonest or unprincipled man : you are a rogue and an embezzler.
• a person whose behavior one disapproves of but who is nonetheless likable or attractive (often used as a playful term of reproof) : Cenzo, you old rogue!
2 [usu. as adj. ] an elephant or other large wild animal driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies : a rogue elephant.
• a person or thing that behaves in an aberrant, faulty, or unpredictable way : he hacked into data and ran rogue programs.
• an inferior or defective specimen among many satisfactory ones, esp. a seedling or plant deviating from the standard variety.
verb [ trans. ]
remove inferior or defective plants or seedlings from (a crop).
ORIGIN mid 16th cent. (denoting an idle vagrant): probably from Latin rogare ‘beg, ask,’ and related to obsolete slang roger[vagrant beggar] (many such cant terms were introduced toward the middle of the 16th cent.).

**** ETA
if you were going to use this word in the title of your book, do you think you might check the definition just to be sure it says what you want it to say???... or, maybe she did?


Lorajean Kelley said...

I love it!

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i was wondering if anyone would get it! and you did!!!
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