Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ohhhh no

and how special is that? ... my oven laid down and died today. yes, the very oven in which i'd been planning to roast a 22 pound turkey on saturday. the very oven in which i would bake a greek potato, olives and feta dish on friday, and an eggplant and zucchini dish on friday, so they'd be ready to heat up in the microwave on saturday while the turkey roasted in that oven. Jim figured out that it's the temp. sensor that went whacko and he called around to several amana parts places. they are all closed tomorrow (thursday) and there is one place way way over on the east side which might have the part available at 8a.m. on saturday. so, he could conceivably get the part and be back about 10a.m. and if he could figure out how to install the new part and do it by 11a.m., i could conceivably get a turkey roasted before family and guests (18 or 20 of 'em) are ready to eat. as a back up, the nearest neighbor is leaving town tomorrow at 11a.m., so will show me how her oven works before she goes and if i have to i can truck on over with my turkey on saturday. damn i hate complications. and besides that my keyboard is only just barely working because my grandboy knocked over my FULL drink onto my computer last week and the keys are very difficult to depress, which depresses me. and this was NOT the week to take it in to the mac store because that involves a long drive to the mall where the store is located, and that is a mall from hell any day of the week, but the week of xmas is likely to be more than i can bear without tipping right on over the edge. and i'm fully aware that my small travails compare to a grain of sand in the whole scheme of things in the world. guess i just need to rant because i am so pissed off at what is happening in congress right now with the health care reform or lack thereof. seems to me they are ignoring the priorities and needs of the people who sent them there. and tho i could turn this into a really big rant, i won't because it's late and i need to get happier thoughts in my brain before i go to bed.

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