Saturday, December 19, 2009

back tonight from a short visit with the Duvall branch of the clan.

this photo is of Sunshine the fierce guard rooster and a watchful and handsome force to be reckoned with he is! sadly, his watch was down last week and a huge hawk got away with one of the hens, but previous to that he had stood his ground against a bobcat and was the winnah! he's gone a bit too far, tho, in trying to protect his flock from the humans and has met with the broom more than once. and this dude does look fierce when he is on the attack! Alex says that one of the hens, Sassy, is Sunshine's minion because she gives him a ride on her back pretty often.

Zylie came up with another beauty of a "Zylie-ism", over which i am still laughing. she was quietly playing a game, and everyone else in the room was occupied with their own thing. then, in a quiet, serious voice she came up with "Daddy, i think there's something wrong with my sense of smell.... i farted 3 times and didn't smell a thing". she got no comment on this... Chris and i were just too busted up over it to utter a word!

and now i'll spend some time getting ready to welcome back the light on monday and to have a gathering of the clan for a big dinner on saturday!

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