Friday, December 11, 2009


yep... i know wintery weather has hit hard in many sections of the country, but to have 12F and 16F at night here all this week, in the rainy and mild pacific northwest just isn't normal and may be totally illegal! (like run-on sentences? i'm sure i'll have more). it is, in fact cold enough to freeze a witch's brass monkey. no kidding.... i'm worried about all the little birds as i've put out their fave black oil sunflower seeds in several feeders and they aren't empty yet. in fact, other than for about an hour yesterday when they made a mass attack on the feeders, they haven't been around. i wonder where they go when the below freezing temps are sustained for days in a row. maybe they huddle up together somewhere and try to wait it out.

it's very very very cold here! but wait... a bit of warming is on the way, starting with freezing rain and snow beginning tonight. oh, joy.....


Terry said...

Your witches have brass monkeys? Mine always have tits.

And it has been colder then them!

Sandy said...

hmmm.. really? i'll have to check that out at the bonfire dancing!