Friday, March 02, 2012

entrelac and sweet potato

 so - how about that!?  nothing all week, then 2 in the same day.

here's the progress on the entrelac hat ... the Mary Scott Huff pattern kit from Madrona.  i'm loving knitting this!  seems a long time since i've done any entrelac.  had a bit of a struggle on the first few rounds cause there was so much going on with so few stitches, but now i'm sailing along.  and i WILL NOT start another project until this is done!! ok, i said it.....

and this is the humble beginning of a window sill sweet potato vine. (looks like the tater has a bad case of acne, but maybe it's just the beginning of more sprouts.)  the one i grew last year grew so abundantly that the vine wrapped all around the kitchen window.  i think maybe i'm just itching to get something growing.  bring on the spring, please.


Grenadine Girl said...

That is one badass piece of entrelac! Holy cow!!

Sandy said...

thanks! i'm loving knitting it and only have 2 more tiers to go. update soon.

Easperee said...

Love love it ..where can I get a pattern ?

Easperee said... is amazing..hope you can share the tutorial or le me know where to buy one

Thanks for sharing.