Saturday, March 17, 2012

update on entrelac hat

the Mary Scott Huff entrelac hat is almost finished!!  probably 1 more tier... maybe 2.  i love knitting this and plan on making more of them, well at least 1 more.  it will make good traveling knitting (coming up in less than a month!!)

i finally found a break between rain events and got a photo of Fred the guard rooster at his post by the garden gate.  doesn't he look fierce?  wish i could count on him to keep the deer from eating up my flowers.


                                                  sweet violets!


Easperee said...

I love this hat and the idea of knitting with four needles..can you please share the pattern or tell me where to but it and how to learn this technique with four needles.thanks again


Sandy said...

thanks! it's a pattern called Suzanne which i bought from Mary Scott Huff. there's a link to her site at top of the post. it was lots of fun to knit. hope you enjoy it, too!