Thursday, March 15, 2012

had lunch with my niece, Jen, yesterday... and that was by far the best part of the day.  we ate at Otto and Anita's in Multnomah Village.  my anticipation for the dill pickle soup was high!!  never would i have thought dill pickle soup could be so delicious... but it is.  it took me several visits there before i could bring myself to try it and now i wish i hadn't waited so long.  it being German cuisine, i also had one of their specials... a weinerschnitzel sandwich.  also very good.  best of all was having time with Jen and doing a catch-up on her life.

salad for dinner came from our greenhouse... arugula, spinach, lettuce and then from the garden came a few sprigs of bronze fennel which is coming up from last year's garden.

the only downside to the day was the cold drenching rain and having to slog thru it to go to costco.  ugh!  oh, but another good thing is that i bought a new camera because my old one is almost used up and old and not taking as good pictures any more.  the new one was the highest rated by consumer report in its category... a Canon Elph and costco had an excellent price, so how could i possibly resist?  i didn't.

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