Sunday, March 25, 2012

spring for a day - tra la

so yesterday here in my queendom of joy, we had a day which was quite spring-like and i spent lots of time outside.  here's my sweet watchdog stationed by the garden gate opposite the fierce guard-rooster.  this little guy was a happy find at good will and has been waiting patiently inside for some sign of spring.

on friday after appointments with chiropractor and then MD, it seemed only right to reward myself for good behavior with flowers and dark chocolate during a stop at Trader Joe's.  they had such a great price on flowers... $2.99 for bouquet with 4 gerbera daisies and a bunch of alstroemeria... such a good deal in fact, that i bought 2.  they are my bridge to spring.  and the dark chocolate is,  of course, for medicinal purposes.. of course!!!

and then there's this just because there are days when i feel like i've fallen down the rabbit hole into a place where everyone is quite mad!!  don't worry, it's not serious... just my reaction to the craziness.

i finished the entrelac hat and it will be a birthday gift for someone i love, but i'm not saying who until i give it to her.  will start another one for travel project.  leaving april 11 for easter in Crete and am just about ready to start packing!  i'm so happy that we found Carla at RuffLifePDX to stay here with the dogs while we're gone and am sure the dogs will be delighted that they don't have to go to doggie prison while we go away.  i've always told them that they were going to doggie camp, but doubt they bought that lie!

the chiropractor...  since my back pain/sciatica has been such a literal pain in the butt for so long, i decided to try the chiropractic approach, which is a totally new road for me.  not sure why, but i've always had a fear of this treatment... not any more!  happy happy happy me!!  had 3 visits last week and this morning i got up after a really great night's sleep with NO back pain and NO damn pain down my leg.  have 2 more appts. scheduled and we'll see where it goes from there.  i've been really dreading the effects of 22 hours of travel to get to Crete, but have high hopes now that it will go well.  and just in case, i got some pain relief in tablet form from my medical doc, after she expressed disapproval that i'm seeing a chiropractor.

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