Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March - my month of relativity

actually, a relative-filled month... lots of lunches out... Maggie in celebration of her birthday month, Jen in celebration of dill pickle soup and her wonderful Jen-ness, yesterday with my dear brother, Curbhead at Maggie's Buns for a lunch of her magnificent goodness, and then today i went to Judy's house after chiro appt.  Jen brought pizza and Jordan and Maisy and Max.. so we had a 3-generational lunch after the kids had their adventure, walking along the creek-bed in the mud!

                    here's Jen with Jordan ------>>

                               and Elsa looking on.......

and Judy with Maxwell

                     and Maisy cozied up in a comfy chair  ---->>

it's been a magnificent month of relativity and i'm so happy to
have them in my life!!

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