Friday, March 30, 2012

forgiving... and karma

ok, at the risk of being serious... i saw this on facebook, and it brought back memories of an experience several years ago.  my perception of the whole thing was that i'd been betrayed by someone i'd thought was a friend, someone with whom i'd spent a lot of time and shared a lot of my life and knowledge.  anyone who knows me well, will know about this.  anyway, for a long time, i kept the pain and my anger front and center.  finally i came around to the knowing that the only real effect it was having on my life was that i hadn't just let go of it.  i later saw a quote that made a lot of sense:  "if you hold a grudge or hold on to anger, you allow someone to live rent-free in your head".
also, i do believe in karma... and she can be a nasty bitch to those who deserve it!  this quote says it takes a person with character to forgive, and i'm not making any lofty claims for myself, just saying that it felt really good when i let it go, and left it all to karma.

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