Thursday, July 26, 2012

a happy birthday in Duvall

 rode amtrak to seattle on friday and had a truly beautiful time with Chris, Kate, Alex and Zylie.
and here are my loving, bright, curious, beautiful, extraordinary beings... much loved grandchildren! could i be any prouder?  or love them more? nope!

for my birthday on sunday, they took me out for brunch... it was a great meal (eggs benedict) but such crappy near-non-existent "service" that i thought Chris would surely go ballistic, but he maintained his composure quite well.  we can safely say that he will never darken their door again!  ever!!

then we walked down to the park by the river where the annual sandblast festival was taking place.  the sand sculpture wasn't quite finished, but the art crew was working on it.  it really was an amazing piece of work.  there was a band and some craft and food booths and a bunch of people mosey-ing about.

and tie dyed clothing!  still love it!

Z proudly wearing the necklace that her dad bought her.

from there we went to the larger than life antique store which takes up a whole block.

when we got back home, there was Tiki waiting for us.  this is a very special pose... don't often see her so still and looking so dignified!  she's a Chinook breed and such a lovey dog!

i amtraked home on tuesday.  i had a happy happy weekend!

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