Thursday, July 05, 2012

loving summer and the sun!

it was a lovely day yesterday for sitting on the patio and spinning!  and for drying newly dyed fibers out in the sun.   gotta say... i love this kind of summer SO damn much!!  not being in the sun when the temp is 80s and up, but sitting in the shade of the pear tree with spinning wheel and book on my iPad.  listening to "King Peggy" and it's a good one.  interesting look into life in a village in Ghana, Africa.. very interesting.

i was spinning the BFL/silk (above) and will do a second bobbin of mohair locks to ply with it.  when Jim admires what i've spun, he then usually asks what i'll do with it.  usually my answer is some variation of "don't know... it's all about the process for me."  i simply enjoy spinning lovely fiber into beautiful yarn.

this is the yarn i spun from the Fox Hollow fiber i bought at Black Sheep Gathering.

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