Friday, July 06, 2012

olla kala = OK

a Greek friend tells me that the origin of "OK" is from the Greek "olla kala" which means all is good.  so now you know.  and you know a Greek expression, too!

and in my queendom today, olla kala.  my Beauty Berry bush is doing really well in its first year here.  i planted it in early april... it's growing, green and is having tiny flower-ettes.

and i was SO  excited to find a tree frog in one of my hanging baskets!!  hope i didn't bruise the poor little dude/dudette when i reached up to the basket, put my finger in to feel if the soil was dry and landed right on top of the frog.  i watched and he hopped a few inches away and under a flower, so seems olla kala (ha! there it is again...)

it's getting hot.  went out early  to water in the garden and some of the new plants i've put in in the  past few days look to be struggling.  hope they can buck up and be happy and grow.

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