Sunday, July 08, 2012

around my queendom

Meika at rest!  and chooses her place with forethought to the random morsel that might fall from the table and need to be attended to, smart dog she is!  she loves to lie in this position and be up against a wall, maybe to support her when she dozes off and might wobble a bit.
my all time favorite daylily... it is so graceful and magical looking.  can't get enough of it!

last fall we found some fabulous buys at a huge nursery sale... and this --------->>
is one of them.  it's a miniature pomegranate planted in a big ole (really BIG) ceramic pot.  it seems to be happy and doing well... and is guarded by a funky jointed wood dawg from good will.  am hoping that this plant is not a fave of the marauding deer.

one of those horrific sights!  oh, no... who would do that?  actually, come to think of it, this looks a bit like some of the fallen flamingos here in my queendom.  i've been very negligent! 

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