Thursday, July 26, 2012

fibery fun

it has been a LONG time since i've had such a fiber fantasy adventure as i had while visiting the kids last weekend.  Kate has a Duncan electric w-i-d-e drum carder that i've been envying since i sold mine several years ago (and have been kicking myself about that ever since!!)  anyway, i spent several happy hours creating colorful and sparkly spinning batts.
                this -------->>
is some of the bounty of fiber that i was working from.

one of the many batts (lost count how many) i came home with!

and Kate very graciously offered me the use of her dye kitchen and a yummy fiber with sparkles in it!  so, i dyed 2 small bundles... just because.  we were talking about what i had been spinning at home, and she asked me if i'd about worked thru my fiber stash... to which i mumbled something about needing another life time or 3 to finish off what's in my stash, both dyed and undyed, though i can say that the undyed part is getting smaller all the time.  but i won't define "smaller"....

so, it was not only a lovely birthday weekend with family!  i also had a colorful fibergasmic adventure!


anne said...

This makes me want to buy a spinning wheel again! Beautiful roving!!!

Sandy said...

you really should have one! let me know when you get one and i'll share some of this (more than any one person should have) stash with you! come to Sunriver and Sisters with us next July and we can have a spin-in. i've got a reservation already.