Friday, November 16, 2012

craig's list and Eat More Kale

Jim found a really good score on Craig's list!  6 dining room chairs for $100.  this was one of those impulse things... we have a dining room set that my parents bought in probably the 60's (that's almost antique, isn't it?)  i've always loved the table, even tho it does have some issues after all those years.  it must be covered by a table cloth at all times... my mom had at some point in time started to refinish the top of it... and didn't get very far, so it looks like... ummm.. crap.  and then the brace part between 2 table legs got broken somewhere along the way.  it doesn't seem to interfere with stability, but isn't real pretty looking.  about a year ago, my brother, Curbhead, gave us the dining chairs from the original set in trade for chairs we had from an old set.  tho it was nice to have the complete set... these chairs had been thru a lot of use and abuse and were really a risk to sit upon because of the threat of falling apart (and one had actually done that when i sat on it, causing huge embarrassment but injury only to my dignity).  so, on Sat. i reminded J that it was really time to fix them or get off the pot.  he'd been muttering for a year about fixing them.  so with gathering of the clan for dinner here at tgiving and xmas, plus a spinning group the next day it was down to the question of fix 'em or take them to a furniture repair place.  more muttering.  about an hour later he appeared with 6 print-outs of chair offerings from craig's list, i chose the one i liked best, and 3 hours later he returned from beaverton with 6 replacement chairs that i really really like!  and they are sturdy and show little wear and they look great with the rest of our kind of hodge-podge eclectic furnishings.  bravo!  his procrastinating had a happy ending!!

kale harvested today from the garden and simmering away  for dinner.  i post this here partly because it is so cool to eat vegetables from the garden even in mid-november, and partly because of my EatMoreKale shirt which i love.  it was made by a guy who has a small business in Vermont and is being bullied (sued by Chic Fil A corporation over trademark infringement) (REALLY??)  i really cannot see any confusion or conflict.  you can read the story by following the link above.  support small business!!  and kale is good for you!

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