Monday, November 26, 2012

week of thanksgiving

and it wasn't totally stress-free, but the shopping got done, the house got cleaned, the dog did not get to the groomer (so the layer of dog hair will be abundant very soon), turkey and dressing and other foods got prepared, there were enough chairs and places at the table, enough plates and forks, enough wine and those who had "volunteered" to add to the feast came thru with flying colors (and great food!!) and the final count of family and friends came to 22.  everyone seemed to enjoy the day and there was no "drunk uncle" to cause conflict with arguments over politics and other social issues or tell really awful jokes!  i happily received and gave an abundance of hugs, had some lovely but short conversations, and enjoyed the day until at the end my back and sciatica finally had the last word and i kicked the kids off the sofa so i could stretch out.... ahhhh.

the WA branch of the clan arrived and bless their hearts for being willing to make that drive on a holiday.

Friday was our 34th wedding anniversary!!  WOW!  we beat the odds and are alive and happy.  it is not always easy, but is SO worth it.

proteus 2011

proteus 2012

last year Jim brought me these Proteus, which are beautiful in their own right.  and look what they became over the year.  truly a gift that kept on giving!!

and the kids took us out for dinner to celebrate!  we went to a Greek restaurant in Beaverton which we love... and had a wonderful dinner.  we celebrated our 30th anniversary in Vamos, Crete with our friends there and we threw a wild and crazy party to celebrate.  i look at those photos and they still make me smile... ahhh, those memories are sweet!

this is the time of year that raki (aka fire water) is made in Crete.  Jim made a batch today and believe me, it is lethal... whew!  it is made from the fermented must (what's left from the wine grape crushing) and is a traditional drink there.  it is the "welcome" when you visit anyone... any time of the day or night!

this is a really old photo... from our first year in Crete.
Jim was collecting a sample as new raki came out of the spout above that while bucket.

they build a big wood fire to heat the copper kettle on top which holds the must, which is then distilled.

and below, Manoli is standing on the shelf above the fire... the kettle is on his right.

this raki-making ritual usually involves a big party and lots of food and wine.  OPA!

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