Friday, November 09, 2012

sisters' weekend at the beach

such a beautiful time of year in Oregon!  all the reds, yellows, oranges of trees in their fall glory... against the contrast of evergreen trees on the hills and mountains.  as much as i hate to see summer end and winter rains arrive, i love the beauty of the colors of fall!

finally!!  Robin, Dinah and i were able to get it together to have a sisters' weekend at the beach.  we went to Rockaway Beach for 3 days, stayed in a condo thru a rental office in Rockaway and had a totally decadent (well, it seemed decadent to us) time of very few "shoulds" (as in we "should" eat healthy meals instead of crackers, cheese, dip, wine, ice cream, popcorn....), having a movie marathon watching as much Kevin Kline as we could, plus some other good ones, having a big country breakfast/brunch at the Cow Bell, and going out for a fabulous dinner one night.  we even had a rousing game of Carcassone and i WON!  that could have been helped by their coaching... or maybe they kind of let me win.  whatever... it was fun.

                   at times serious.........

and then not so much.

and meanwhile, back at my queendom, the salad stuff in the greenhouse is making good progress.  i do love that arugula!

and then came tuesday.  election day.  and i couldn't be any happier with the results!!!

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