Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rocky Horror

it was saturday night at the world and it started out innocently enough... with a gigantic margarita and super duper taco salad at Mexican/Peruvian restaurant in Forest Grove.

and then it got much less innocent when we walked down the street to Theatre in the Grove to see The Rocky Horror Show.  this show might be not so remarkable in many settings.. but we are talking about Forest Grove, OR here folks.  this is the seat of conservative community theater where the much-loved "Our Town" and "Sound of Music" are repeated over and over due to popular request.  we were there on the last night and the place was crowded... with a lot of oldies like ourselves, with lots of hootin' and hollerin' and enjoyment of the transvestite translyvania theme.  there was a sizable number of a younger crowd, too.  and what's intriguing to me was that there were 2 midnight shows during their run which were advertised to be all out no holds barred and more bared, and i cannot even imagine!  it was a well-done production and we enjoyed it and give high praise to the director (Pruella Centers) and the crew for an all-out great show!  (and this was in beautiful downtown Forest Grove?????  yes!)

and p.s., Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of my all-time favorite movies!

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