Wednesday, November 14, 2012

twisted sisters spin....

and laugh and graze and just totally enjoy a day together!  Jane looked splendid in her new dreads (long pieces of felted wool in technicolor).  it's a great look and she wears it so well that she should wear it often.  she could even get into a holiday mode by adding glitter and tinsel to the locks!

i totally failed in picture-taking duties.  guess i was having too good a time to keep up as sisters kept arriving thru the day.
and the ones i managed to get weren't really set up well and in good focus.  and i totally forgot the grazing table which was abundant ... as it always is when we get together.

                                        Linda, the fearless leader at
                                           Northwest Wools    


Lynn and Rachael (and i'm sorry it's such a crappy picture)

today i finally gave up on the low back and sciatica remedies i've been trying... heat, ice, TENS unit, various stretching and (not enough) exercises... and went to see my doctor.  am feeling like i shouldn't have bothered and wasted a perfectly good morning.  she did order a back xray, because i asked for one, and ibuprofen and hydrocodone and get back to her in 2 weeks if no improvement.  this has been going on for so long that i'm really ready for the next step... like back specialist and maybe cortisone injection.   i bought how-to Tai Chi dvd today and maybe that will help.  we'll see.

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