Monday, May 27, 2013

another relaxing day...

today turned out to be "going for a long hike" day for Kate, Chris, Jim and Alex, following one of the hikes from "Discover Vamos on foot", written by our friends Berend and Toine. so Zylie and i are soaking up the joy of their villa in Douliana... especially the Wifi..
i even watched a presentation by Neil deGrasse Tyson on science and creationism and some Jon Stewart bits from his show (which i miss a lot). in fact, i miss being at home in my queendom very much. to keep me happy here all i had to do was look at the weather reports for Banks... eeeek. so sorry you are so wet there. i will continue to enjoy the sun and heat and try not to be homesick.

there is a new hangout in Vamos, very close to where we live. it is called Ano Kato and it's a cafe/bar owned by our friend, computer George and new friend, Dimitri. they have done a really nice job with renovating the space and decorating it. even has a small outdoor seating space with grape vines growing on overhead trellis. so far they seem to be appealing to a lot of locals and few tourists. prices are really reasonable.... an order of 2 ouzo came with a nice plate of mezze and cost 4euro (about $5.25). both the owners are very welcoming and we like going there. just one drawback... a young and partying crowd did a late night thing on saturday nite... church bell was ringing 3 when the party broke up. but i wasn't sleeping well anyway with a mosquito trying to find a meal, Jim snoring and our bedroom in the loft being hot and stuffy.

tried to find a more efficient way of uploading photos to flickr.. but the only way seems to be one at a time and i just don't have a lot of patience for that.
so, hope nothing happens to all the photos i have on my iPad and some still on my camera.

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