Monday, May 13, 2013

Greece - Pelopponese

today we went to ancient Olympia and it was awe-inspiring. i fantasize what it would be like to be at an archeological dig and actually find something... even as small as a spindle whorl or bracelet or ring or surgical tool... all of which we have seen in museums. and then to uncover something like a column of Hera's temple!

anyway, had fun with the kids and grands, took tons of photos and just wish i could find a way to caption them. when i get back home, there's a trip to the apple store and possibly a purchase. i just know there has to be a better way than this. i hate this frustration feeling!! aaargh...

so, below there is a mother's day phot of my wonderful son and me. also, a photo close-up of a big building block which shows that they used shells and such to make those big stones. i could even see the skeleton of a crab! how cool is that? and there is one of a statue in a museum that my grandgirl confided to me "there's a LOT of detail there, gramma" which she repeated several times. when we got to the area where the races were held, Alex ran the 220 meter distance... and i got the olive branch crown (or whatever it's called). he did get to wear it, too.

also, a pic of the bridge we see from our balcony, Medusa, mosaics (and it amazes me that the color is still so good). i can see lots of patterns for knitting in the museum pottery and the mosaics.

and tonight.... exhausted... walked miles today and yesterday and just about every day since we left portland..., but airports don't count as anything but torture. after airports there have been miles of interesting sights and sites.

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