Friday, May 24, 2013

more random

back in Arachova... our very good friend Frosso, following. a wonderful meal that she prepared for us, included is a photo of her husband Giorgios who died 2 months ago. sad times!

and there is Bruno... a legend in his own time.. has been a fixture here for years.

and for Pam..our most fave any time of the day...beautiful, tasty, juicy tomatoes on fresh bread with mayo. oh yes!

and there is a photo of our very dear friends Elena and Toine and their daughter Iris.

and my only fiber purchase (so far) from Garn Gallerie in Denmark.

no more stupid tappy thing for today

and a p s.... just looked up the elevation of Arachova.  it is 3089feet, which explains the serious breathing problem i was having there.

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