Monday, May 20, 2013

in Halkidi,Greece

Crete tomorrow. the 2 days in Arachova were special..spending time with Frosso and her grands Efrossini and Dimitri. met her on first trip to Greece and have kept in touch since. she is one of those very special beautiful generous rare souls who one connects with occasionally and is a treasure forever. also we spent a day in Delphi which i will write about later. Chris did a magnificent job driving the van thru impossibly narrow steep and winding places...and seems to have kept his sanity and sense of humor..

tonight we are in a 4star hotel with AC and WiFi and i hope Chris is getting well deserved rest and a cold Mythos beer. tomorrow 5pm we fly from Athens to Hania Crete and taxi to Vamos for 3 weeks to rest up from our vacation. nothing planned for ancient sites, museums, miles of walking, etc. just chill out, see friends, and enjoy a bit of raki. bravo

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