Wednesday, May 22, 2013

happily in Vamos Crete

arrived here last night and had a delicious dinner with CKAandZ at Bloumosifi taverna. in Greece we have been ordering a variety of dishes and sharing them, which works out great! saw a lot of friends, got lots of hugs, did some catching up on life. Elena, Toine and Iris stopped by taverna while we were there and i got a couple of pics. Chris and fam are staying about a mile from here in Douliana where they could have a place with pool and wifi. will meet them for dinner again at taverna and will try to get food photos tonight. spent day today getting myself grounded , unpacked, clothes washed, ( good ole sink laundry) and hung on balcony... dried in record time. it is hotter than the hinges at high noon in hell. and will be for couple more days but that's ok cause i'm here and oh so happy. will use wifi at taverna when we go for dinner (none in our house)

there's photos below of Delphi near where we stayed in Arachova (north of Athens) and from hotel balcony in Haldiki...last night before Crete. was happy to see Ben andJerry are everywhere!! saw the dogs early morning stretched sleeping on sidewalk like it had been a 3 dog night, minus one!

lots of catch up blogging to do... later.

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