Wednesday, May 15, 2013

in and around Patras, Greece

some photos here of the Odeon, in an archeological museum (prob. the best i've seen thus far).... ancient spindles and spindle whorls, mosaic of Bacchus stomping grapes, lots of wonderful mosaics from floors of rich folks homes in the Patras area, gold jewelry. seeing all the mosaics just made my knees weak! they still retain so much color and detail after being buried all these many many years. someday, i'll try doing something in mosaic. actually, some would make great knitting patterns. if you'd like explanation of any of the photos, just ask.
spindle whorl (#10}

i got all excited becuase i thought these were ancient spindles.... but, no... they were ornamental pins to hold robes closed.  humph.
gold jewelry from some of the grave sites
mosaic of Bacchus getting ready for a party!!
Odeon in Patras
the mosaics in this museum in Patras were beyond beautiful!  amazes me that they are so clear and colorful after so many many years!  and mosaics really fascinate me!

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