Thursday, May 30, 2013


for the 3rd time since we've been here, the winds of hell came and stayed... this time starting about 10pm and increasing steadily to raging, incessent, unrelenting and howling all night long. it comes from storms in the deserts of north Africa and brings heat and fine sand so the mountains aren't visible and there's a sticky haze in the air. when it comes in the fall it brings torrents of rain and we have rivers of water running down the streets. evidently, climate change brings this more and more frequently. not a happy situation, for sure. i expected to see trees and power lines lying all over the place... but not.

tonight we went with Chris and Alex to Almyrida for dinner at Aeraki.. our friend Giorgios' taverna. were happy to see an old friend, Nikos, now working there... we knew him from first years here when he worked at Bloumosifi. worthy of photo capture was Alex's salmon pudding appetizer.. some kind of soft stuff wrapped in strips of smoked salmon. tasted pretty good. also, Chris' paella looked interesting.. and my pork souvlaki. enjoyable evening. hope to see Geogios, Nikos and Nikos again while we are here.

also got a photo of the grapes growing on the overhead trellis at Ano Kato. looks like a good crop on the way.

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