Friday, May 10, 2013


in Munich airport waiting for flight to Athens, meet kids there and drive to Peloppenese
for week.  will see if i have internet access there and will get some photos up.

Soren picked us up in Hamburg, went to Sonderborg and stayed in uncle's house.  spent monday at the original legoland... fun, long day, lots of people and kids went on all those scary rides that would cause me to pee my knickers.  i went on carosel with zylie and on water slide with jim.... innertube
down huge wet ramp thing, ending in giant splash.  fun!

had fabulous week with Soren....excellent tour guide!  and he and Pia are wonderful hosts... and make great meals.  and their kids are adorable.  also got together with his dad, Jens, and brother, Carsten.

all for now ..cant deal with any more tappy thing.

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