Friday, May 10, 2013

some photos from Denmark

will 'splain em later

for some reason unknown to me (but frustrating!!), i can't scroll down to put words beside the individual photos, other than the top 2.... so, below is an example of the many "fart" and "fahrt" signs we saw around Denmark.  as we were driving back to Hamburg, Soren graciously stopped the car, got out and took this photo.  he, too, enjoys that 6th grade potty humor.

this is Chris and Soren.... 25 years later.  seemed to be a happy reunion.  and i was delighted to have my sons... bio and semi together again!

this is Birthe who has a yarn shop and dyeing business near Silkeborg.  she graciously let us interuppt  her busy life so we could fondle her lovely fibers.  of course, Kate and i both bought fibers/yarn because it was beautiful!  i need to find her card, but think the business is called Garn Gallerie (will add link later)

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